Our designers work closely with our esteemed customers to ensure that all pieces are not only unique, but also capture the full beauty of our handpicked gemstones.Our mission is to make every piece of jewelry a perfect masterpiece designed by the customer's love and appreciation.J.R Diamond has many years of rich and professional experience in the industry, making its primary goal to provide customers with the best price and promising quality.

European & Asian Elegance

We believe in the sentiment that “Classic is Eternal". This deeply rooted European and Asian style and culture has provided J.R Diamond with plentiful experience and inspiration for designs. Every piece of jewelry is individual and distinct, striving to incorporate the highest level of elegance. We don't drift with the current and we don't fear any test.


Only a few countries and specialists can provide the high-end quality of craftsmanship that we insist on producing in Hong Kong. The city of Hong Kong is the perfect melting pot and blend of Eastern and Western cultures, making it the most ideal interpretation of the European elegance and Oriental aesthetic.

One-of-a-Kind collection

J.R Diamond’s luxury collection, the One of a Kind Collection, brings together exceptional singularity with timeless design. Each piece is uniquely sourced and designed using only the most precious materials, making each item distinctive and unique. All of the designs are crafted and set in 18-K gold, featuring extraordinary diamonds and vibrantly colored gemstones.


High-end jewelry with color gemstones is not just a collection, but also an investment. We select our Rubies from Burma and Mozambique, Sapphires from Sri Lanka and Burma, and Emeralds from Zambia and Colombia. We only work with the best origin gemstones and collection diamonds. At J.R Diamond, we deliver the best and don't settle for less!